Keeping Your Car Moving During that Holiday Road Trip

Keeping your car rolling down the highway and not stuck on the side of the road because you were not prepared is easily solved if you follow along with this simple holiday road trip safety checklist. Just keep in mind that everything you do in preparation for that holiday trip could help you to get to your destination on schedule.
1. Keep a couple flashlights and large number of batteries on hand just in case something goes wrong in the middle of the night.
2. Put a set of jumper cables in the trunk to use if the battery dies.
3. Road flares are going to be key in alerting drivers you need help and the car is disabled.
4. Empty gas can is great for getting fuel if the car runs out on the trip.
5. Tire fix-a-flat will allow you to get one or more tires full of air and get your car moving again.

One last thing to consider, getting a full road trip safety check-up on your car at Jenkins Mazda.
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