Are My Brakes Safe If They Squeak?

If your brakes make a grinding or squeaking sound when you press the pedal, your brakes should be looked at to see if there needs to be any repairing done. There may be wear on the pads and discs, and that noise is letting you know it's time for an adjustment or repair, right now. It is a sensible choice to have your brakes inspected on a regular schedule, before they begin to make noise and before they become too worn to produce the desired effect, which is to stop the car or slow down when needed.

It is recommended to see a trained technician when you think there may be something alarming with your brakes. You can ask us at Jenkins Mazda and we can guide you to one of our trained professionals who will take care of your brake needs with quality service. There are many other services that our service center can help you with along the way as well.

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